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My name is David Miles. Here, I'll occasionally be sharing my thoughts and ideas about the things I'm interested in. I'm completely self taught and have a thing for pure CSS design – oh, and cows.

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March 30<m>th 2009

I had a blog once...

@ 6:10 PM MDT

But I felt embarrassed by such a thing.

I'm an amateur PHP developer. I picked up the language in 2005, after dabbling in Perl for two years. I had wanted to find a better way to develop web applications, and looked at PHP because of the similarities. I would like to say that I write logical, professional looking code, and have been involved in several small projects in the past.

One of the reasons I finally decided to do something with this website was to have some kind of archive of past work. Also, because I've very much become used to building a design or building a template, and letting the "customer" provide the information. I'm very bad at making this information up. Making my own personal website is a good way to force myself to handle all parts of a website.

I post regularly under the name "kows" in the PHP section of VBForums. I originally found the site while looking for programming help in Visual Basic during high school, but have since retired my use of any Basic languages. I much prefer the C-based alternatives.

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